Dissecting pain and suffering with astute honesty over a juxtaposing playful sound, “Oh It Hurts” is the first single from their upcoming sophomore album, showcasing the pair’s eclectic musical stylings. Utilising live instrumentation for the first time, the track rumbles with low-slung guitar melodies and warped electronics - using the intricate backdrop as a way to enhance their personal narratives.

Taking very different approaches to songwriting, Max Zanga and Matt O’Baoil transform their emotions and personal anecdotes into diverse curations. Each member brings their own perspective to the story, allowing the narrative to be observed and analysed from every angle before presenting a coherent whole.

Tebi Rex ask: “Do you ever consider how the process of making music is usually a dishonest pursuit? I’m sure you’ve been through things, had untold amounts of pain and suffering inflicted on you. Only they’ve been so minuscule you hadn’t even noticed. Until now. And I’m sure you’ve done the same. Things you’ve regretted. People you’ve let down. The hurt you’ve caused. But the song isn’t about them, is it? It’s about you.”

"Oh It Hurts" is out now. Find Tebi Rex on Instagram and watch their Off The Road live session for Best Fit.