The rooftop-ready track, featuring a skippy, almost reggaeton-esque rhythm, muffled guitar riff and infectious chorus is one that screams summer, throwing it back to decades long gone while still feeling markedly 2021.

Following the release of equally nostalgic singles “Brown Angel” and “Telephone”, he continues to ride the ‘80s wave with an upbeat, feel-good, tropical number brought expertly into the modern age. The groovy synths and Tamaraebi’s thick, distinct falsetto give the track a sentimental feel reminiscent of an era long forgotten. "I really wanted to make a song that feels like being on holiday and you heard it so many times it’s stuck in your head," says Tamaraebi. Undoubtedly the guy knows how to write a glittering, shiny, summery, sleek pop song.

The single permeates the age barrier with a timeless feel, with the singer describing it as “something my young cousins and family could enjoy at summer BBQs, but also something the older generation would bop their head to.”

Part inspired by the iconic Flashdance soundtrack, there are echoes of Michael Sembello’s “Maniac” in the run-up to the hook, echoing a familiar pattern to the ‘80s classic, but with Tamaraebi’s enigmatic charisma and glorious cadence shining through to give it an added edge.

“When I was young my mum was proper into health and fitness and when she put videos on to do a workout, she would do her squats to ‘Maniac’,” he says. “All my songs are a bit sexy, and with this track I wanted something that was also a bit upbeat, so I could move my waistline!”

"Waistline" is out now alongside the Spectrum EP via Believe. Find Tamaraebi on Instagram.