Violins and a lack of guitars might be an unusual trait for the vein of direct British punk aimed at accentuating an entire generation's discontent - but the strings on Pozi's new track add a tension to the razor-sharp sting of its vocals and lo-fi drums.

The track was written after vocalist and drummer Toby Burroughs' close friend went through years of inadequate care, moving between mental health institutions and halfway houses. “They were badly run and had some damaging effects,” Burroughs says, “but the song reflects this as well as a sense of guilt that my own support to them was limited and not really enough.”

"The video for 'Watching You Suffer' follows a troubled person wandering a lonely city,” continues Burroughs. “Trying to reach out, they are met with faceless people that are not interested. It's about a person needing help that society continually neglects, but pretends to care about.”

“Our songs mostly have an observational standpoint,” he says, “just reflecting some current social and political situations. I don’t think they have a direct impact, but maybe ask a few questions.”

“Watching You Suffer” is out today and their debut album PZ1 is out 5 April on Prah Recordings. Pozi play London's Shacklewell Arms on 20 March and The Lexington on 29 March amongst other UK dates, find out more on Pozi's Facebook.