Outfit just get better and better. Over the course of less than half a dozen tracks the Liverpool band have scrabbled spider-like across a map of references that seems to have as its twin horizons Roddy Frame and Peter Gabriel, with an appetite for exploration that is so sorely missing in most contemporary guitar music.

On ‘Drakes’ the band are firmly in doom-pop territory, further buffing the twinge-of-terror sound they first unveiled in ‘Two Islands’. It is, as with so much of their work, very much the sound of their native Liverpool – or, rather, of a smog-blasted caricature of the town, as if Lowry had moved 35 miles west and made a record.

‘Drakes’ is taken from the forthcoming Another Night’s Dreams Reach Earth EP, out next month on Double Denim. It’s also available as a free download for a very limited period below.