With his self-proclaimed “homoerotic cowboy pop”, Orville Peck is shifting expectations of country music from behind his fringed leather mask. “Big Sky” could be plucked straight from a Tarantino soundtrack, with rattlesnakes and wind-gusts breezing under Peck's rich baritone vocals, slinking over exquisitely tranquil guitars and sparsely atmospheric banjos.

Peck's new “enigmatic cowboy anti-hero" project is drawn from a genuine and deep-rooted love for country music. Although it's part performance-art, his music is anything but a Brokeback Mountain-esque gimmick.

“Big Sky” is out now via Sub Pop, and Orville Peck will release his debut LP next year. Catch him live in London on 28th February at The Islington, 1st March at Servant Jazz Quarters and 2nd March at The Shacklewell Arms. Find Orville Peck on Facebook.