Yes, it’s only been a mere four months since singer-songwriter Olivia Dean dropped her debut EP, but the talented artist makes no habit of resting on her laurels. Turning the dial on her prolificacy, new single “Crosswords” shows that the Walthamstow native is ready to embark on the next stage of her career with a self-assured step.

Following on from the neo-soul and jazz inflected sound of singles “Password Change” and “OK Love You Bye”, this latest outing sees Dean pare back her sound and successfully showcases her artistic talents. With the beginning of the track opting to highlight her dulcet tones with a simple guitar accompaniment, her lyrical prowess and knack for storytelling are in full force. It is this combo that makes her growth such a pleasure to witness with each release, as well as a relatability and maturity that belies her age.

“Crosswords is a song about the infatuation at the beginning of a relationship. It feels so magical and all encompassing, you’re too in love to see how bad it is,” shares Dean of her inspiration behind her new single. “I wrote it a while back with a songwriter called Eg White, it was the first time we’d met and it came so naturally. It was co-produced by Felix Joseph, who brought everything together and helped me realise the sound I had in my head.

“It’s a really special song for me and I hope people can find their own story within mine.”

"Crosswords" is available now via AMF Records. Follow Olivia Dean on Instagram, and see her live at Brixton's Off The Cuff on 11 March.