Over fluttering hi hats, Nadia's low vocals are warped through a choir of vocoders, recalling the ghost-in-the-machine vibes of Bon Iver's 22, A Million. Fresh from a failed relationship, she's haunted, unable to shake the image of her ex from her consciousness ("I cannot replace you / Staring at me like I don't know yah.") The track features three-times Swedish Grammy nominated rapper Mwuana, playing the part of the wronged partner who's caught his beau being unfaithful.

The video sees Nadia sit down to what looks like a lavish, romantic meal with her lover, only to be presented with a tense game of cards.

Since her debut album landed in 2016, Nadia has released a steady stream of singles, but sonically, the unruly synth sound of "See Things" is a departure for the young artist: previous tracks "Sway" and "K" have centred around much more organic instrumentation. Growing up in Gothenburg, Nadia's first instrument was violin, though she graduated to singing in her teens, balancing a solo career with collaboraions with other artists – most notably Steve Angello, Skip Marley, and SEEB.

"See Things" is out now. Follow Nadia Nair on Instagram.