Manchester six-piece, Mealtime embrace their futuristic stylings ten-fold on the vibey new single, "Moneybag". The release is set to be their final offering of 2020, following an impressively busy year of activity.

The kind of track you can easily get swept away with, the slightly clouded vocals and hectic, electronic production swirls around, whisking listeners away, as if the words are quite literally distracting you and stealing your money…

With a backstreet, industrial feel, "Moneybag" sees Mealtime at their experimental best. Playful lyricism and deadpan confidence go hand in hand here as they leave listeers hanging for their next chapter - which if this is anything to go by, will be very lyrically impressive - following for their recent debut EP, Aperitif.

“The beat’s cheap, dark and broody," explain Mealtime of their latest outing. "We worked really hard to get this contrast between that grit and these glamorous grand piano hooks, so it almost sounds like someone fantasising - the old cartoons with dollar signs in their eyes and dribbling at the thought of being able to afford a steak bake and the bus home.”

"Moneybag" is available now via LAB Records. Follow Mealtime on Instagram.