Isolated piano chords and singer Jenny's vividly tender vocal initiate the track, but the feeling of solitude is swiftly encircled by a stunning choral peak. Swathes of Foley textures starring a circle of the band's friends and family gradually surround the track, adding what they describe as a “community feeling”.

“We try to create a universe that you can sink into and feel good about,” Konradsen told us last month. “Hopefully we achieve this by believing in the music.”

The band draw inspiration from their friends and family in an unusually direct way in their music, as they explain: “You can hear some of them sampled on the record, telling about something important to them or laughing their heads off. It brings a certain community feeling to the sound.”

“Baby Hallelujah is about dealing with the aftermath of life. It’s simple and honest. Just piano, vocals and samples of the people we love,” say the band.

“Baby Hallelujah” is out today via Practise Music (Woman’s Hour, Squid, Osquello). Find Konradsen on Facebook.