With her relatable tales of tedium and a dark humour akin to Lauran Hibberd, Jackie Hayes is fast becoming a slacker icon. The release of the listless "omg" is paired with an announcement of Hayes' new EP There’s Always Going To Be Something, out this summer.

Mirroring the agonising self-reflection of last year's "Blink", Hayes' world-weary outlook on "omg" is palpable. "It’s just not as fun as they advertised," she sings, venting dissatisfied musings on adulthood alongside lackadaisical bass and deadpan delivery.

“This song is about realizing that I had idealized a lot of aspects of ‘growing up,’” says Hayes. “The second verse is specifically about a time where I was missing the drive that I had when I was younger.”

The Illinois artist and producer has shared stages with the likes of Claud, Role Model, and The Japanese House, and previously played under the moniker of Family Reunion.

"omg" is out now and There’s Always Going To Be Something will release on 13 August, pre-save it now. Find Jackie Hayes on Instagram.