Who doesn’t love a great bit of pop, especially when delivered with gleeful abandon? Not ones to shy away from their love of a good hook, IVEY are on a mission to draw together their myriad of influences to create the perfect amalgamation, a hyper-pop Frankenstein beast if you will (albeit, far more gainly and attractive).

Cherry-picking the best bits of decades gone past - think funky, '70s-riddled guitar work, potent '80s hooks and beats - and adding a dash of Kitsuné flair to boot, IVEY’s new single “Scream” is an immediately addictive nectar of sparkling synths, hip-wriggling rhythms and rose-tinted lyrics. Striking a similar chord to British indie-pop contemporaries Fickle Friends and FOURS, the Gold Coast band have honed in on a winning formula.

But as a self-proclamed "sad banger", the track's peppy production (by fellow countryman and producer Konstantin Kersting) runs paradoxically to its lyrical influences. “'Scream' is about realising that you’re at a low point, and trying to overcome adversity, even if it’s hard and even if it’s painful,” shares IVEY.

“Scream” is available now via Lucky Number. Follow IVEY on Facebook.