Flitting between industrial, punk, noise and relaxed lo-fi too Hollow Sinatra's back catalogue is an eclectic adventure. From his poetic 2018 debut EP Hollow's Beginnings to last year's LP What Are You Looking for in Tomorrow? and onto this year's Black Takes EP, Sinatra ticks every genre box. A true sonic shapeshifter, Sinatra's sound often sits between the alchemy of Yves Tumor and the alternative pop leanings of Young Fathers.

For his latest collection of work the Rapture EP, Sinatra is set to bring a whole host of influences into the mix. As an artist, his versatility is perfectly demonstrated on the two tracks we've already heard. The hard-hitting "False Prophets" sees the vocalist and songwriter rip up the rule book whereas "Crisis" is relatively calm.

With the addition of "White Plug" we get to see the more ferocious side to Sinatra again. "This track is a gospel, stripped back and modernized without the strings of “modern music”. Color-wise, I feel like this track is laced with whites and blues with the exposure cranked," he says.

Pairing his melodic vocals with blistering guitars and frantic drums it offers a different perspective as Sinatra cries out over the atmospheric multi-layered soundscape. "White Plug" sounds like a storm, a reckoning with just the blaring horns as a reminder of the world outside of the hurricane.

Released with a music video inspired by the illustrations of Shel Silverstein, Sinatra explains “making the most out of things that seem minimal or simple has always been a joy. It allows you to focus in on the key elements more, which allows for the message to come across without effort. That is what I have always admired about Silverstein’s work – his keen eye for creative, effective simplicity.”

Rapture, much like Sinatra's previous bodies of work, is set to showcase a snapshot of the songwriter's emotions and experiences at the time of its creation. Stay tuned for another sprawling body of art from this utter virtuoso. Penned just before 2020 descended deeper into the current hell we're experiencing, the EP deals in themes of protest, justice, government leadership and the fight against capitalism.

"White Plug" is out now, Rapture drops 17 November. Follow Hollow Sinatra on Instagram.