Following on from last month's distorted "Nowhere Like It" single, "Forgetful" sees the London-based artist flex his falsetto vocals over a plethora of interwoven genres.

"Forgetful" begins with screeching synths that sound like a space signal intermission, before plunging into a nostalgic, Gameboy-like melody that oozes with 8-bit charm.

Haich Ber Na launches his falsetto voals with gentle demeanour, provoking the gritty, rumbling bass that overpowers the playful melody in bursts.

In classic Haich Ber Na fashion, you never know what's around the corner, and this time it's a series of warping melodies that bounce playfully with the beat before plunging into more lo-fi sounds.

Towards the second half of the track Haich Ber Na's vocals become layered, moving to the forefront of the track with a more soulful manner, allowing his instrumentals to shape their unique sound to the consistency of Haich Ber Na's voice, which sounds like Sampha if he was born in space.

"Forgetful" sees Haich Ber Na merge beats and instrumentals that wouldn't sound right anywhere else. But with his confidence to explore and use a plethora of sounds, Haich Ber Na is always up for the challenge, and so far has always succeeded.

Haich Ber Na's new single "Forgetful" is out now. His new EP Everywhere's Home, will land on 16 October.