Greentea Peng (aka 24-year-old Aria) is brought down to earth as the haze clears and she realises a lack of true gratification found in hedonistic habits. Alongside a North African inspired guitar line and hissy hi-hat beat, Greentea's smoky vocals reveal her sense of emptiness and alienation perpetuated through “Wasting time / getting high / to get by”.

She describes the track as a “disillusioned confession to self, my London city blues. A tune for us hedonistic youths searching to feel nothing but who actually feel everything. Instead of getting u to sleep I’m tryna wake ya up.”

With an exquisitely soulful voice and upfront authenticity that's purely magnetic, the release of “Downers” follows Greentea's COLORS performance last month.

“Downers” is out today via Different Recordings. Find Greentea Peng on Instagram.