Opening with a kicking beat and careening vocals, Elheist dives into the unknown, merging distorted electronica, lo-fi vocals, and a thumping beat to emphasise the rumbles of warping "digeridoo's" that intensify with the introduction of hissing hi-hats, barely allowing a breath between each bar.

Merging her sultry spoken word with compelling vocal scales, Elheist bridges her cultural influences with biographical lyricism, teasing the listener to enter her world at their own risk.

The infectious and bold distortion is helmed by none other than production wizard Haich, who also produced Elheist's previous release "Matter Of Fact / Not That Easy".

Expanding on her new single, Elheist comments, ""Everytime" is a song that summarises the previous release "AMO" & "Matter Of Fact" - produced by Haich. If it were an EP it would probably be titled Elheist as i believe it makes a nice intro as to who I AM as a new artist. "Everytime" is sweet and straight to the point and is a bio transformed into a song really."

Her individuality has already been embraced by the likes of Poppy Ajudha, S4U, TE dness, Haich, not to mention she recently performed on - the newly-launched radio station that is fronted by a diverse group of women, LGTBQI+ persons, and talented creatives.

"Everytime" is out now. Find Elheist on Instagram.