A slickly produced hyper-pop anthem that candidly celebrates her queer identity, Stockholm-based artist and producer COBRAH has shared her latest single “GOOD PUSS”. Filled with pulsating beats, buoyant rhythms and ultra-sweet vocals, this new house-tinged offering vibrates with irrepressibly good vibes.

Taken from her upcoming self-titled EP, set for release via her own imprint GAGBALL, “GOOD PUSS” radiates with COBRAH’s new found artistic confidence. “I always set out to write POP but the songs have their own will and all I can do is try to follow that,” she explains. “With “GOOD PUSS” I could feel from the first demo that this song finally gets me and what I want to do. It really set the mark for the new COBRAH era.”

This new era for COBRAH is fuelled by self-autonomy and a desire to fully embrace all aspects of her queer identity. She spent most of 2020 in a studio in Östermalm, Stockholm with producer Gusten Dahlqvist, who helped galvanize her pop sensibilities with glossy production and her edgier, jolting sounds. The result is a fully fleshed out collection of jagged, floor-filling dance anthems. COBRAH is exploring her new found confidence via throbbing beats and ultra-sleek vocals, unapologetically celebrating her “GOOD PUSS”.

“I’m a lot more self-assured,” COBRAH continues. “I want people to feel that confidence for themselves when they listen to it. I want them to feel like they can do whatever they want, dress however they want, indulge in whatever they like".

"GOOD PUSS" is available now via GAGBALL. Follow COBRAH on Instagram.