Cannons have been building something of a reputation for their sassy, gloss-coated pop bangers in the past few months, and "Holding On" further exemplifies their knack for creating sultry melodies.

"Holding On" is underpinned by a definitive disco-esque sensibility with its driving basslines and beat, but it's Michelle Joy's feather-light vocals that provide the epi-centre of the track. Joy's vocals draw you into a disco daydream that is at once romantic and intoxicating, but within her floating melodies you can hear an element of longing and sadness that reaches out for the attention of the object of her attention.

The song comes from the band's new EP, entitled In A Heartbeat, a collection of glistening and ultra-slick pop bangers that act as the band's statement of intent.

In A Heartbeat is released in full on Friday 13 July.