A Weekend At The Feelies finds its staying power amongst a wealth of artists currently exploring an appreciation for hazy, echoing sounds in Campbell’s impressive ability to create a different and unexpected, yet continually intriguing collection of songs that manage to defer genre or any specific style. But somehow it always sound like A Weekend At The Feelies. “Time & Heat”, Campbell’s latest track, is an example of this talent: compelling in its freshness but with a bloodline that connects to his previous body of work.

There is a coolness to “Time & Heat” that was AWOL from the previous Feelies’ release, “Lowly Buzzard”, and this coolness adds a stark, spirited injection to Campbell’s breed of mellow. His vocals float seamlessly, still with a laid back, sprawling style, over atmospheric, daydream-inducing instrumentation that has the combined fragility and sharpness of glass, but remains ambient and with just enough punch to stop Campbell’s voice from completely floating away - and taking you with it.

“Time & Heat” is unknowingly stunning, like the inviting haze of the sun finally setting on a long wasted summer, or the rare, welcome feeling of waking up to a fresh dawn without burden. Where “Lowly Buzzard” was happy to hang around and linger in the hazy limbo that the summer months usually generate, “Time & Heat” is atmospheric and stirring. It continues to cultivate Campbell’s sense of lush lethargy whilst also placing one foot firmly on the cusp of a more pointed direction; perhaps on the verge of a change of season.

A Weekend at The Feelies’ new mini-album, Summertime Bloodsport, is planned for release on 12 September.