The stand-out lyrics of the chorus “Run run run, you’ll find only pain in relief / I am your enemy, you’ll find no pain in relief” set the scene for the song’s dark and menacing tone. Laying bare the current state of the world in all possible aspects, “Run” delivers hard punches partnered with the thundering crash of the percussion.

With the vast number of dents and fractures in the world, it's a wonder why more bands don’t use their music as a way to shout about them. But, then again, it takes a certain type and style of voice to make the words take effect. “Run” provides enough for people to shut up and listen.

Describing the meaning behind the song, the band explain: “It’s easy to be saddened and disillusioned by the divisive politics offered to us in 2019. ‘Run’ is an expression of that sadness, watching the opinions of those around us become more polarised and emphatic in their ideological opposition.

“The lyrics almost read like a compilation of overheard conversations, reflecting how issues like religion, climate change and immigration have become simplified, sloganeering arguments between left and right. The song’s lyrics more than anything attempt to highlight the lack of any real content in debate in the media age, and the isolation caused by division.”

“Run” is out now. Find Youth Sector on Facebook.