Their debut single "Pet Shop Boys" featuring the talents of Niklas Tjäder, who records as ORKID, Thanxxx and some other "friends and lovers", was an unsurprisingly - given the title - 80s tinged beauty which was shot through with all the Balearic and island joy which made Korallreven such a wonderful act.

"Eye of the Eye", however, pays tribute to a whole other side of the 1980s. More Paradise Garage than tropical paradise, the track is an out-and-out house banger whose unrelenting six minutes features a brutally addictive beat, a soaring wordless choir and a vocal sample which wouldn't be out of place on a sought-after rave tape.

It's quite unlike anything Joons and Tjäder have ever put their name to, but through replicating the club sounds of Frankie Knuckles, Francois K and Larry Levan, Yoo-Yoo are reaching new levels of euphoria.