“Is It Possible” is a less straightforward pop song than the Gothenburg-based trio’s previous release, but its intricate percussion and vocals are nonetheless beguiling. The track is accompanied by an intriguingly abstract video that taps into the same fairytale atmosphere.

““Is It Possible" is about the different dimensions and other beings that surround us,” the band explain. “The lyrics are inspired by a story called "Agnes Cecilia - En sällsam historia", written by Maria Gripe. In the movie, you follow a girl called Nora [who] experiences strange things happening around her. She gets strange calls, and signs that keep her out of trouble. A guardian angel watches out for her. The song is a bit spooky and consists of a lot of layers, just like existence; both the things you can understand and those you cannot.”

Wildhart’s album Shine is out 11 November, via Gaphals. Pre-order it here.