Made up of members of Mazes, Novella & Male Bonding, White Sands may just be that indie supergroup we’ve all been looking for. A chemistry set of pure unadulterated rock in its purest form, White Sands bring to mind images of youthful carelessness à la skateboards and Converse rather than Chelsea boots and big egos. In other words, this is a band that sound like they’re actually having fun.

New track “Years” says it best. Defiantly independent, but carrying all the thrash of American post-punk leanings, the track is built around an aggressive lo-fi guitar riff that segues perfectly into guitar lines reminiscent of Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth while Novella’s Sophy Hollington croons indifferently. From there, the track leads into an all-out aural assault of distortion that will somehow make you tap your feet, even when your ears are bleeding.​