"Easy Money" is a perfect blend of nostalgic vocals and intimate melodies that only provoke Westerman's voice to lead the way through the dark depths of the ocean.

Laced with subtle electronica, Westerman's new track is both delicate and powerful, as it shows his evolution and adaptation as he turns to a new direction with his music.

“This was recorded alongside Edison as the first of the music I have made out in Lisbon with Bullion. It started out with a sequencer mimicking the guitar progressions and we worked backwards from there," Westerman explained. "I wanted to keep a sense of space for the vocal as the characters in conversation are distanced from each other. I hope there’s a sense of relief in the song. It feels good to share it with you."

The constant contradictions are beautifully playful, merging bright plucks of the guitar in the intro with the deeper undertones of the melody creates a vast thinking space to connect with both his songwriting and melodic prowess.

Westerman's new track is increasingly soothing. Although fragile in parts, he stands firmly as his experimentation into new realms ultimately pays off, and leaves us hanging for more.

"Easy Money" is available now. Westerman has also just announced a UK/EU tour and his first shows over in the US. He'll play London's Oslo in Hackney on 18 October. Find out more.