What we do know is that Josh and Emma have been working on songs as Weslee for a little over a year, and that there’s an EP somewhere on the horizon. As Josh explained to us back in March, they “want it to be about the music more than about us, and the idea was just to put out songs and see what happens.”

WESLEE hit a home run with debut single “Gassed”, tipped by Radio 1 as a Hottest Record in the World and being streamed over a million times. With its sparse, delicate production, the track laid the foundations for the release of second single “Bathwater”.

“Bathwater” sees the mysterious duo flesh out their ambient indie-pop beyond the sound of their skeletal debut, with tantalising guitar lines pulling together over warm synths. Vocalist Emma’s voice gets shown off in gossamer layers, providing chopped and skewed backing to a honeyed chorus.

“Bathwater” is out now.