Slathered in watery squelches of synth, huge quasi-D&B beats and whirligig vocal hooks, "Bass & Drum" wields an otherworldly pop vibe. ZOHARA's sense of hope and optimism is palpable, and despite the track's darker intentions, it's a really uplifting introduction from from an artist clearly brimming with ideas.

Explaining the track, ZOHARA says that: ""Bass & Drum" is a song written about the intersection of the imagined world and reality. The times when the two worlds collide and you realize how far you have been carried away. I was in love with a boy and too shy to admit it, so it all happened in my head and then exploded in my face. The name of the song comes from the very first project on my computer, before the lyrics and the melody, when it was just bass and drum. The rest existed in the imagined world which remained long after the real one faded away."  

Check out the track/video below.