Translating as "Glorious Sweden", real-life couple Victoria (Swedish, former model, sings, no last name) and Jean (Belgian, guitars, no last name) might be based in Brussels but Victoria's heart lies with the country of her birth. Speaking about the duo's single, she says:

“I've always had a need to come back to Sweden, it's like I miss the smell of the trees, the taste of it's food, and a need for coming back to my roots,” she says. “The song is about that, the Blue and Yellow flag, the lakes, the forests, family, mid summer… and me wanting to show it to the ones I love.”

Coupled with a stunning film-noir video shot - appropriately enough - in Mälmo and directed by Corentin Kopp, "Härligt Sverige" is a tense and intense rumble of a song which begins with twinkling synths before veering off somewhere altogether darker thanks to Victoria's passionate vocal and Jean's trembling baritone guitar which guides the song towards goth-blues pastures inhabited by the likes of PJ Harvey. Things finally explode in a gallop of drums and high-pitched yelps, a payoff that's worth waiting for.

It's quite the taster for the Victoria+Jean debut album Divine Love (out on FY Records) where they have worked with such producers and inspirations as Ian Caple, Ali Chant and John Parrish. April is a long way off but in the meantime watch and listen to "Härligt Sverige" below.