Compelling from the off, Underwater Boys underpin sleek and sombre instrumentals with notes on internal confusion (‘'it’s your love that’s filling me with dread’'), a sense of foreboding (‘'everyone you know will disappear like gold'’) and notions of loss and change. Typically elusive, or seemingly so due to the hazy nature of their sound, the weight behind such lyricism therefore stands in stark contrast to the instrumentals, creating a dynamic that is both addictive and intriguing. It is such additions to the standard structure of psych-pop, which is too often devoid of ideas and fails to show any real depth in songwriting, that makes '‘Everyone You Know'’ so distinct, and the Klar brothers musicians of notable value.

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An evocative and intelligent initial release, Underwater Boys have managed to achieve a rare gem in a genre that regularly drowns itself in mediocrity.

"Everyone You Know" is out now via Cannibal Hymns