The string-laced belter flits between grand Bond theme and vintage road rock, with rousing flourishes of Americana and orchestral stings vying for you attention - it's a titanic composition built to consume your senses, but it's not all about the instruments.

"The full horror of the refugee crisis was fully unfolded on all our screens," says Williams. "Friends of mine who run the charity The Worldwide Tribe were in [Calais refugee camp] 'The Jungle' handing out food, clothing and supplies. We were moving house ourselves and I was in a back room surrounded by boxes piled high all around me... the words are simultaneously aggressive but also defeatist. The song is plea for more, 'We' and less, 'Me'."

Williams' upcoming fifth record is due later this year via Caroline.

Williams will be showing off new music at Are You Listening? Festival on 22 April. Find out more.