While "Good Together" offered a balmy, beachy pop vibe, "New Moon" hits closer to Aspaul's love of millennial R&B and pop, acquitting itself as a harder-hitting, clubtastic take on the boy-band fare from a decade and a half ago.

Aping those artists' pinpoint vocals and affixing them to the hedonistic grind of the dancefloor, Aspaul offers his thoughts on the sweaty, sultry insanity found beneath the strobes every month or so:

“I'm fascinated by club culture and worked in bars most of my adult life. I've seen the affect not just on myself, but everybody, first hand. People lose control during a full moon and I guess that’s what the song is about."

Aspaul's upcoming self-released mixtape, Revelation Mixtape,  is due later this month.