Channelling their raw energy into a three-minute track that rocks as hard as it rolls, Thee MVPs have a clear knack for creating music that simply doesn't give a fuck. Punched up rhythms and frolicking refrains tear through the track at a breakneck speed, rapid fire riffs coursing at a mile a minute.

Scrapping, thrashing, and entirely smashing, "Edgar" is a whirlwind of filthy guitars and high-speed percussion that'll leave you floored and totally exhausted. With music this invigorating, would you want it any other way?

The video - filmed when the group performed in Barcelona a few months previously - captures the rambunctious and carefree energy that make their shows such a dynamite explosion. 

"Edgar" and it's flipside "Tack!" will be released via PNKSLM Recordings on 11 May. 

Stream the music video for "Edgar" below.