With a blend of retro synths, uptempo electronic drums and eloquently projected vocals, "Skin Deep" is a fusion of vintage tones and modern pop sensibilities. The relatively unembellished beat and pulsating synths expose Tallsaint’s crisp, effortless voice, before the chorus explodes into life with a coalescence of layered instrumentation and potent percussion.

Speaking of the track, Tallsaint explains how "Skin Deep" delves deep into the hidden hostility of "having to get along with someone you don’t see eye to eye with." It explores feelings surrounding "conversations I’ve had with people, but then afterwards thinking of everything I could have said."

"The notion of it all will only ever be skin deep, playing pretend since you’d never dance with this person out of choice, but now, uncomfortably, you’re just that little bit closer."

"Skin Deep" is out now. She plays London's Paper Dress Vintage on 25 June. Find Tallsaint on Facebook.