The pair, made up of Anders and Thom, were first introduced to one another at an ill-fated songwriting session. Realising that their talents were perfectly suited to work together, the pair began experimenting with sonic soundscapes and textures to stretch beyond the limitations put upon them by the others within the industry. From the off, they were determined to spread the joys of life, to be true to themselves and offer a voice to those who feel like theirs had been stripped from them.

“Bloom” opens with an isolated, drawn out piano line before the track is built right before our eyes, as layer after layer slowly builds to the synth-driven crescendo that comes with the chorus. The twinned vocals ooze in and out, but it’s the instrumentation and the quality of the production that truly captures the attention.

“‘Bloom’ is about the premature ending of a relationship and the intrusive thoughts and doubts that come as a result” the pair explain of their debut. “Relationships rely on the promise of a future and when things fall apart that future becomes uncertain. This is written about the future of a relationship that never came to be.”

The first of a number of singles scheduled for the coming months, “Bloom” gives listeners their first taste of what STAY GLDN have to offer.

"Bloom" is out now. Find STAY GLDN on Instagram.