The song comes after previous singles "Say Something" and "Forget Forgive" and is a bouncy, retro-influenced track that is seeped in fun. The delicate shimmering melodies are powered up by a racing bass line and unexpected sounds that interject out of nowhere and add a further sense of playfulness to the track.

There are many characters that are imbued within the songs on the EP as the fresh moniker has allowed her Tessa Rose Jackson to explore an expansive selection of moods and genres through her music and experiment as she wishes, completely freeing herself of any previous limitations that may have previously hindered her.

In her own words, she says "Someone is a celebration of creativity, identity and optimism. It’s about doing what you love and being who you are, regardless of what others may say. I took that mindset into the studio with me, which resulted in five tracks that are stylistically quite varied. Each song represents a different turning point or moment of realisation that helped me get through a rather rough patch in my life. And put together it feels like a coming of age."

Chain Reaction is out now via [PIAS] Holland.