The track channels high emotions and journeys through hazy guitars that are reminiscent of Yuck and Daniel Blumberg's solo material.

Speaking to DIY, guitarist Byungkyu Kim explains, “I wrote the first concept of "Just Joking Around" when I played in my other band before Say Sue Me. I’m actually a big fan of Pavement & Stephen Malkmus. I was into an album called Real Emotional Trash by Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks when I wrote the song and very influenced by his song making style. I wanted to make a song that gives a variety of emotions by mixing various compositions in one song, and most of these songs seem to be long in length."

The whirlwind riff is like a tornado compared to the soothing vocals, which pinpoints their sophomore album's title, Where We Were Together, in the chorus.

"Just Joking Around" is a burning prog-rock track that channels its fire through the two intense guitar solos.

The one-off single is part of a 7" release featuring b-side "B-Lover".

Say Sue Me's "Just Joking Around"/"B-Lover" drops on 24 August. They tour the UK and Europe in October, performing at London's The Lexington on 8 October. Find out more.