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Sandra Kolstad shares video for "My Yellow Heart" with exclusive Best Fit track download

15 January 2015, 10:45 | Written by Melanie Battolla

Sandra Kolstad is certainly from another planet. Although her passport might say she's from Norway (a rising and shining queen of Nordic electro pop at that) but her origins are definitely alien.

To confirm such an absurd statement, look no further than her newest video for the track “My Yellow Heart”. The song marks the return of the artist, who releases her third album Zero Gravity State of Mind later this year. The location for the wondrous video – Iceland - is equally otherworldly and unearthly, “another planet” that Sandra Kolstad visited for the first time in her life.

The deserted land and its surrounding nature, soundtracked by the song’s own thumping beat and crescent tempo, seemingly “react” to her alien presence. The flora and fauna that fill this world of fiction and non-fiction perfectly compliment the track’s duelling nature. Fluttering electro meets with the acoustic elements like a human and an extraterrestrial meeting for the first time. Kolstad was finally able to bridge these two musical worlds in her work.

By the end of the video, much like David Bowie’s The Man Who Fell to Earth protagonist, Kolstad sheds her disguise and unveils her true celestial form: a pastel-colored alien that gifts humans with wonderful electronica.

Speaking about the video, Kolstad says: "It was my first time in Iceland and I was very excited about being there. It’s like another planet, which was so perfect for the feeling we wanted to create in the video."

The song itself, available as an exclusive free download below - is a "personal favourite" from the album, Kolstad reveals.

"It’s one of the few songs I wrote together with someone else. A dear friend of mine in Oslo wrote the pre-chorus many years ago and one day I started singing it and then the rest of the song just came out in a few minutes. It’s also one of my favorite songs to play live; people tend to dance and get something special in their eyes when we play it."

Kolstad adds: "(The album) is something very special to me because I was finally able to incorporate the acoustic into the electronic. The two worlds have been separated for me for a long time, but finally I managed to build a bridge between the two. Also, it's the first album produced by Norwegian producer super star Yngve Sætre, who has become a dear colleague and friend."

Sandra Kolstad's Zero Gravity State Of Mind is released in the UK and US on 3 March.

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