With her debut single "Bird", Sabiyha talks of personal heartbreak and continually pays tribute her Indo-Caribbean heritage, referencing the Guyanese flag throughout. In her own words, she desribes the struggle that underlies the meaning of the song, explaining how she was "torn between my heritage and trying to assimilate into a world where I didn’t truly fit in."

The song is full of soaring vocals that are beautifully paired with strings and choral harmonies that rise and rise to meteoric effect. Its undercurrents are played out with folky acoustic guitars that give the whole song a chilling delicacy.

But make no mistake, this is anything but a fragile song. Instead it sees Sabiyha find her strength and strong footing in the world around her, as she says the song is "a moment to reflect my history, pride and the power I feel being a person of colour."

Sabiyha will be playing an EP launch show on the 28th March The Bedford in London.