Entwined with an eclectic mix of sounds, RUSSO venture into genre-defying territory with their new single "Loudmouth".

Built on Cailin Russo's robust vocals, she scales up and down recklessly like a rollercoaster, infusing their track with a near Blondie vibe.

The combination of subtle electronica and a rumbling riff, "Loudmouth" sees RUSSO indulge and project their wistful, yet contemporary sound.

Shot by Toronto's Kid Studio collective, the visuals provide a colourful and kaleidoscopic insight to the fourpiece.

Having only formed in 2018, RUSSO are still testing the water, but show great cohesiveness towards their new venture.

"Loudmouth" is taken from their debut seven-track EP House With A Pool, which is out now. RUSSO only have two tour dates remaining in the US. Find out more.