Exploring sound, texture, and emotion with organic methods, West seeks to experiment with the electronica norm on Howl:

"This album features a lot of my own recordings, rather than simply using samples that I have sitting on my computer. This gives the album a more personal feeling, which is very important to me because I think we live in a time where there is just so much recorded material out there, and accessible at a click of a button, that the joy of recording your own drum sounds, your own percussion, your own claps, seems redundant – but it’s not! That should be a priority because its often more interesting and makes you choose a different creative path.

"I try to create atmosphere and mood throughout with a less-is-more approach to composition. I'm always trying to find an exciting reaction from a few ingredients, because that is magic to me. To make something interesting with tons of layers of effects just doesn't excite me. But to make something interesting with just three layers requires a special alignment of sounds, ideas and timing... the essence of this album was made with a few synths, some guitar pedals and lots of cups of tea. I hope you’ll enjoy it."

"Afterglow" is a melee of warm, percussive tones and wide-eyed synth stabs. It's a kinetic cut for sure, but not mechanical - West's hit his target of creating something organic. There are Radiohead-y flecks at moments, Icelandic post-rock dollops in others - this is heady and trancendent, but not clinical. It'll grab you by the lapels and drag you into a world rife with life.

Howl is due out 16 October on Erased Tapes.

Listen to "Afterglow" below, and then check out Rival Consoles' upcoming tour dates afterwards.


10 Manchester - Texture
11 Teesside - Sound It Out Records (free in-store)
12 Glasgow - The Hug and Pint 
13 Brighton - The Green Door Store
14 London - Corsica Studios
15 Bristol - Start The Bus (free show)
16 Leicester - Firebug