The Valencia-based artist - aka Víctor Ramírez - dropped his first record Book Of Youth​ in 2015, a long player that laid out an obsession with East River Pipe, the Farrelly brothers and John Cassavetes. After supporting Jacco Gardner on his Spanish tour at the beginning of last year he teamed up with Ken Stringfellow (ex-Posies and reformed-Big Star) to cut two tracks, one of which was Ramirez’s take on cult American songwriter Marc Jonson’s "Suddenly Sunshine". Jonson heard the track and agreed to produce Ramírez as well as take him on tour to perform his seminal Years album from 1972.

"The Heartbreak Kid" - an upbeat, sun-soaked cut that nods to the blue-eyed soul greats and speaks of "fantasizing with the aliens of Mulholland Drive" - drops ahead of Young is the New Old, Ramírez' second album.

"The song is about listening to your subconscious in order to make very bold unconventional decisions," explains Ramírez, "[and] going against your mind’s will, even though you know those decisions will lead in turn to the making of even more complicated decisions which will scare you and make you have second thoughts about the decisions you had made in the first place!"

"It’s about the need to live one’s life to the fullest, to escape a worldly life, a comfort zone where we ended up becoming prisoners."

"The Heartbreak Kid" began life when Ramírez prompted Jonson to name the song after a favourite movie (Elaine May’s The Heartbreak Kid). "I could picture Cybill Shepherd living her life her own way and it was very appealing to daydream about the kind of things her subconscious would say to her," says Ramírez.

Jonson sent the track to his friend, Television's Richard Lloyd who added some "crazy" guitars. "Lloyd’s presence in the album is some sort of beautiful accident," adds Ramírez. "The same is true with Brian (The Jesus and Mary Chain) Young playing drums in most tracks. Good karma."

Young Is The New Old is released on 22 April. Ramirez Exposure plays at SXSW this month.