1. "Roses" by Mabel

Having already teased her brand new mixtape Ivy To Roses and its surprise drop earlier in the week with "Begging", Mabel McVey (pictured above) continues to go from strength to strength as she shares her largest body of work to date. Daughter of Massive Attack producer Cameron McVey and genre-defying Swedish artist Neneh Cherry, young Mabel has had no problem demonstrating her own star power is the driving force behind her fast-accelerating career.

Heading to Heaven for a sold-out gig on Wednesday to showcase new material, such as bouncing opener "Come Over", future hit "Fine Line" and classics like debut "My Boy, My Town". Mabel's nine-track pack features soothing piano ballads, club-ready slow burners, a Drake cover, but it’s "Roses" which comes out on top for this week’s edition of Pop Never Dies. With its stripped back verses, "Roses" may seem tame, but Mabel’s incredible vocals and the delivery of the track’s cutting chorus is a fuck you to the fool who let her down. (MK)

"Better" by Mallrat

2. "Better" by Mallrat

Teen brat-pop provocateur Grace Shaw – better known by her stage name Mallrat – should already be on your radar, thanks to talk-rapped, synth smashes like "Uninvited", the title track of her 2016 debut EP. Shaw tames things a little on her new single "Better", a hazy, nonchalant tribute to the end of summer as seen through the rose-tinted glasses of our social media-loving generation. This latest single may have taken its sweet time, but is Shaw’s dad’s favourite Mallrat release thus far, so silver linings, yeah? (MK)

"In Your Eyes" by SCHWARZ

3. "In Your Eyes" by SCHWARZ

We couldn't let you miss out on this lush swathe of electro-pop from German-Bolivian artist SCHWARZ. Paired with a hypnotic video shot against the sometimes stark, always striking backdrop of North Korea, it's a breathtaking project with a chorus that will rush like adrenaline through your veins. (PW)

"Somewhere" by Pearla

4. "Somewhere" by Pearla

As light and bright as its pastel-hued cover illustration, Pearla's "Somewhere" is a delicate cut that exists at the intersections between traditional folk songwriting and clever pop electronics. We catch whispers of glimmering chimes beneath gossamer layers of vocals, before "Somewhere" builds to its swirling, hedonistic climax. (PW)

"Medusa" by Kailee Morgue

5. "Medusa" by Kailee Morgue

Depending on who you, are an idea for a song could remain just that; an unknown idea, but Kailee Morgue’s half-baked version of "Medusa" was quickly shared on Twitter and is now her debut single on Republic Records. There’s some twee ukulele originals still available on Morgue’s YouTube channel if you want to hear more material, but nothing comes close to the teen’s reimaging of everyone’s favourite snake-haired mythological being. Morgue decides to flip the narrative, explaining; "Medusa was cursed with snakes for hair and a hideous face over something that wasn’t her fault. It’s actually a tragic story, but people perceive her as a monster." (MK)