After debuting a string of intimate and nostalgic releases earlier this year – including recent single “Glitter”, Pollena presents a disco-inspired progression on “Stand Up”. Opening on synth-led beats, the combination of left-field electronica with soulful pop sounds introduces the song’s heady themes in a way that sounds as organic as it does cutting-edge.

Produced by innovative DJ and musician Footshooter, “Stand Up” embraces the power of the dancefloor, whilst lyrically celebrating Pollena’s prospering confidence. A bright and dynamic affair, the track immediately demands your attention with her vocal ability, considered songwriting, and poised delivery.

“This year more than ever we’re ready for real change,” says Pollena of her latest release. “’Stand Up’ is about giving people the confidence they need to make that change happen. Don’t just accept things as they are, don’t just go ‘back to normal’. It’s about expecting something better”.

"Stand Up" is available now via Team Talk Records. Follow Pollena on Instagram.