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Pip Millett flips the script on goodbyes with "Ride With Me"

04 March 2022, 10:00 | Written by Harrison Smith

Following up her Motion Sick EP, Manchester singer-songwriter Pip Millett has released a fresh take on parting ways with "Ride With Me".

The radiant minimalism Pip Millett parades throughout her new single demonstrates both her engaging creativity as an artist and her impressive ability to encompass the expanse of inspirations around here. Whether it be the uncluttered rhythm that builds to each fervidly delivered hook or the sultry vocal tones, “Ride With Me” is a steamy lyrical concoction exploring the parting of ways with ill-fated friendships.

“People often find it difficult to apologise for their wrongs which makes it difficult to sustain friendships,” she explains. It's apparent then that Millett uses real experience to resonate with the listener. “It's hard to let go of friendships and relationships, but sometimes it's the healthiest thing for both people,” she tells BEST FIT. Such open and deeply personal contemplations are to be heard in such lyrics as “Tryna brush it off don't do it for me” and the heart-wrenchingly intricate “Another beginning / sounding much better than soothing this tormented hope”.

An artist who has received nods from radio giants while also being embraced by the independent community, Millett has gained notability through her unique approach to uncomplicated and honest songs. Not to be mistaken with being laissez-faire about her output, she uses the less is more tactic to create an intricate and unapologetically personal track brimming with feeling. "Thinking I'll come 'round in the morning/guess again 'cause everything was your fault".

Using an underlying bass line to move the track forward, it’s clear that rhythm was with her from a young age. “I remember wanting to write music when I was super young, and then I got a bass guitar for Christmas when I was thirteen,” she remembers. “I guess that was the beginning of my path.” Her admiration for hip-hop and all things sonic is reflected in her choice of collaborators. Having worked with the big hitters behind AJ Tracey, Mahalia, Jorja Smith and more, while having her own collaboration with Ghetts, Millett travels down a beat-driven and lo-fi laden boulevard of emotion on “Ride With Me”.

She feels she has matured both musically and in herself since her debut in 2018. “I feel more confident in what I write. I focus on my lyrics a lot, and I think as I've grown as a person.”

“Ride With Me'” challenges herself as an artist and encourages the listener to let go of what does not bring them happiness. As Millett confidently struts in her newfound wisdom, it is a captivating taster of exciting things yet to come.

"Ride With Me" is out now. Find Pip Millett on Instagram.
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