Montreal’s Ought will be releasing More Than Any Other Day, their debut album for Constellation Records on 29 April. Ahead of the release, the band have shared a video for “The Weather Song”, which, thanks to some fine green-screening, puts the band in front of an array of wonderful things from waterfalls and seagulls, to The California Raisins and a large Canada Goose.

-The video was filmed by Louise Burns and Izaak Branderhorst, with editing from drummer Tim Keen . The song builds on the interplay between Ben Stidworthy’s bouncing bass and Tim Beeler’s choppy riff, while Matt May’s insistent, repetitive keyboard line brings everything together. It’s likely to get stuck in your head long after the song finishes.

Ought have been active in a growing scene of music and activism within Montreal and are quick to pay tribute to the likes of Loose-Fit, Brasserie Beaubien and femmaggots for playing a key part in their development. Student strikes in Quebec at the time, a situation which the band describe as a “a total lid-off type situation”, is another strong influence. This sense of purpose and urgency is clearly evident in the album, and certainly feeds into “The Weather Song”.

Playful as the track may be, Beeler’s voice bristles with righteous indignation, chanting: “I just want to revel in your lies/we got to feeling we won’t take it any more”.