Orchid’s carefully curated brand of electro-pop draws from numerous sources – her Iranian heritage, her experiences in Ghana and Brazil, and her appreciation of Latin-American music. The resulting cocktail of influences is a sound that feels familiar, yet also distinct. Across just a handful of singles, her characteristic style is starting to reveal itself with cutting-edge future pop and sultry undertones at the forefront.

“Worship Me” proves that Orchid’s swagger is undeniable, even when she’s lyrically vulnerable. Despite the brazen invitation of the title, Orchid delves into the intense pressure to find self-love and then the challenging reaction once you do.

“Love, hate, at the same time, why are you surprised?” she sings through a technicolour haze of sizzling beats, navigating her musical landscapes as deftly and acerbically as she does her subject matter. Magnetic vocal delivery slices through the jagged buoyancy of the instrumental; she flickers between casual and vibrant, leaving “Worship Me” all the more captivating.

“I originally wrote the song as a promise to treat myself better, when I was in a really bad place and my confidence was at an all time low,” shares Orchid. “I think I wanted it to be about imperfect self-love that is hard and painful, especially when the world asks us, pretty aggressively, to love ourselves but is shocked and uncomfortable when we actually do. We're told constantly that we're all beautiful rather than being told that our ugliness is worth adoration too.”

“By the time it came to making the track over a year later, I was super in love with the song and this idea of living 100% as yourself started to have a whole new meaning for me. I wanted to make something sonically vivid and as beautiful as humanly possible, and for the music itself to be the ultimate expression of femininity."

“Worship Me” is out now. Find Orchid on Instagram.