"This song is about those shit days we all have at some point and how there's always light at the end of the tunnel," she explains. "I wrote it to myself in this kind of empowering process, to remind myself in those very dark moments that not everything is as bad as it seems."

"I'll Carry You" sees Odina once more exploiting her generous talent for piercing right to the heart of a particular human experience using little more than a delicate vocal with extensive vocoder effects. Her knack for recreating these moments in song is matched only by the beauty of the songs themselves. With meandering layers that construct a Bon Iver-esque soundscape, topped with the swell of a brass section at its close, "I'll Carry You" is no exception to the majesty of its forbears.

"I'll Carry You" is the final track to be shared from Odina's new EP, also released on 6 July via AntiFragile.