"No Good For Me" is a song that champions self-care and is about realising what is going to be the best thing for your own wellbeing. Soaked in balmy, early-noughties beats, it sees the French singer take some inspo from disco-queen Kylie Minogue, inducing glossy serenity through its glassy vocals and earworm melodies that will undoubtedly remain in your subconscious all day long.

"'No Good For Me' is a new direction for me in the sense of vibe, it's about my experience of negative people and inspired by the power of a woman's mind and body" Explains the wonderwoman artist about, "We're often made to feel guilty or hurt by other people's insecurities and reciprocate that negativity. I was in the studio with my producer and the melodies just flowed with the lyrics coming naturally after that. This single for me is about being empowered and standing up for yourself."

"No Good For Me" is available everywhere now.