Like Holly Waxwing or Gilligan Moss, London-based producer Niven takes an overtly synthetic genre and makes it feel like the most natural thing on the planet.

Glossy vocals from mononymous mystery Natalie are often torn into unrecognisable shapes - Niven makes her sound like a hundred different people in under three minutes - and synth notes drip through bassy canopies, beats shimmering just under the surface, as big pop melodies ebb and flow over the course of "Rapture". It's an addictive, euphoric offering from Niven, and we can't wait for more.

Niven also helms monthly ambient/electronica/visual arts showcase SPHERE with Yucatan Records, which has seen performances from Tusks, Frett, and Adam Azedia recently.

The Manta Ray EP is out on 10 March via SPHERE Recordings. The EP will feature five tracks, including "Alleviate", which has already been shared in live form

Listen to "Rapture" below.