Positioning an uncomfortable truth at the heart of his narrative, “WHOAMI” rattles with dark beats and claustrophobic drum patterns, his rhetorical question pulsating throughout the single’s murky grooves.

“Born and raised in London, a city of crazy diversity which is as beautiful as it is intense, growing up you really just want to assimilate and fit in,” Natty explains.

“Deemed as different because of my features, my Chinese heritage wasn’t prevalent at home, my mum came here when she was 3, so all I knew was London life - making remarks about my appearance even more alienating.

“It matters less to me now, questing to discover my roots (as much as that is important!), what’s more important is to exclaim our collective humanness. Everywhere we go is home, as our soul is housed in our bones.”

Describing himself as a “hyacinth busting through the pavements”, his identity is multifaceted - dense clusters of textured flowers blooming from the rubble.

“WHOAMI” is out now via Gecky Records. Find Natty Wylah on Facebook.