The last we heard from Mr Little Jeans was 2016 EP F E V E R S, a follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut album Pocketknife, released in 2014. "Forgetter" see Birkenes expand on her signature moody, noir-pop sound, laced with that irrepressible Scandinavian cool. Inspired by a desire to find beauty in even the most brutal of breakups, the jittery new single boasts a lyrical optimism that belies its classy, minimal sound.

"I wrote 'Forgetter' after a devastating break-up," Birkenes explains. "I was severely depressed. But once I accepted how toxic the relationship had been, my mental state did a 180, almost overnight. I suddenly felt like I had super powers. 'Forgetter' is about this journey and the belief that you will survive a fall — no matter how dark."

"Forgetter" is out 29 June.