"The song is about the complexities of a relationship in which you feel like someone needs you, but at the same time, you're never enough for them; you can't 'fill them up'," Jewell explains. "To me, loneliness, emptiness, and frustration feel a lot like the characteristics of water, which I talk about in the song: the feeling of being transparent, cold, wrung out, and trying to fill something or someone back up. Water is something we obviously need to survive, but it can also drown us and wash us away."

"I Can't Fill You Up" follows two previous singles lifted from Jewell's forthcoming EP, due out in the near future. Produced and arranged by Goffrey Moore, who played guitar across the entire project, it's a mellow, country-tinged track that harks back to the genre's late noughties radio renaissance. Jewell updates the Nashville tradition of storytelling through simple, acoustic songwriting, bringing her emotional depths to vibrant, immersive life with little more than the basics of guitar, drums, and keys.

"I Can't Fill You Up" is out 27 April.